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Nintendo Gamecube Console
  • Nintendo Gamecube Console

    Compact design

    Small, cute, and desirable – that's Nintendo GameCube. Released in purple, black, and special edition colours, Nintendo GameCube's unique design and compact shape (11.4 x 15 x 16 cm) is symbolic of Nintendo's commitment to keeping originality and innovation alive in video games.


    Amazing audio and visuals

    With a main processor co-developed by IBM and a graphics chip designed in conjunction with ATI, Nintendo GameCube is stuffed to the gills with games-playing punch, giving its titles dazzling visuals to light up your whole living room. Throw in CD-quality music and sounds, and Nintendo GameCube has the audio-visual power to send chills down your spine.


    Connectivity with Game Boy Advance

    Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance aren't just world-beating systems in their own right; by hooking them together with the Game Boy Advance Cable, you'll open the door to a breathtaking world of new video game experiences. Depending on the game, you'll be able to swap data, unlock new game levels, or use the Game Boy Advance as an input device.


    Huge game library

    Nintendo GameCube has been designed purely to play games. Game series like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroidare made only by Nintendo for Nintendo systems, and with a huge complement of third-party developers contributing to a long list of tip-top titles, Nintendo GameCube is the system of choice for gamers wanting maximum merriment for their money.

    • Box Contains

      • Gamecube Console (Indigo)
      • Gamecube Controller
      • Gamecube UK power adapter
      • Gamecube AV Adapter
    • Tech Specs

      • Custom IBM Power PC Gekko Microprocessor with a clock frequency of 485 MHz
      • 4 controller ports
      • 40MB total memory
      • 2 memory card slots
      • 162MHz graphics processor
      • 64 audio channels
      • 12M polygons per sec.
    • Refurbished

      May contain marks, wear and tear and discoloration to housing and display etc but in good working condition

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