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Cable & Deadpool: The Burnt Offering

Cable & Deadpool: The Burnt Offering

Finally free of the techno-organic virus that ravaged his body, Cable's using his newly amplified psychic powers to get into the messiah business. He's spreading a message of peace and love around the planet — and the leaders of the free world are not happy about it! But like any wannabe good shepherd, Cable's got his own li'l Judas in the form of Deadpool, who's busy building a device to take THE SPARKLY EYED Saviour down. After all, what are friends for if they can't STOMP ALL OVER YOUR dreams of global unity?

  • Product Info

    • Issue 11
    • Cello-wrapped
    • Volume number: 20
    • Number of pages: 144
    • Specifications: 360x220mm (hardback)
    • Author(s): Fabian Nicieza
    • Artist(s): Patrick Zircher, Udon's Bob Ross, M3th, Derek Fridolfs
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