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Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

The Skrulls have invaded Earth and they're GREAT at doing impersonations. They even look like the real thing! But just like your momma told you, it's not nice to impersonate some people. Especially if they're Wade Wilson. So when the egghead of Skrull society has the bright idea of cloning Deadpool for the benefit of the nation, you just know it ain't going to turn out to be all gravy. Cos gravy is just about all that the merc with a mouth has between his ears. Let the disaster begin!

  • Product Info

    • Issue 8
    • Cello-wrapped
    • Volume number: 28
    • Number of pages: 128
    • Specifications: 360x220mm (hardback)
    • Author(s): Jesse Blaze Snider
    • Artist(s): Marco Checchetto
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