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Deadpool Team-Ups: Good Buddies

Deadpool Team-Ups: Good Buddies

HERCULES! THE ZAPATA BROTHERS! GHOST RIDER (and ghost rider)! US Ace! the living colossus! Frankencastle! what unites this strange bunch of kooks? why only the chance to have a superduper, once-in-a-lifetime team-up adventure with Deadpool, that's what! get ready for a cavalcade of crude and chaotic collaborations as the Merc with a mouth shares the spotlight with a selection of the Marvel Universe's comic all-stars! brace yourselves for the team-ups no one demanded, but every Deadpool fan deserves!

  • Product Info

    • Issue 48
    • Volume number: 4
    • Volume number: 36
    • Number of pages: 152
    • Specifications: 360x220mm (hardback)
    • Author(s): Fred Van Lente, Mike Benson, Adam Glass, Stuart Moore, Christopher Long, Ivan Brandon
    • Artist(s): Dalibor Talajic, Carlo Barberi, Chris Staggs, Shawn Crystal, Sanford Greene
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