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Get ready for the Marvel Universe's first encounters with the Merc with a Mouth as Deadpool's beginnings begin! Discover his very earliest appearance as we return to the decade of ludicrously oversized weaponry, bulging muscles and outfits with more pouches than a Kangaroo jamboree. From his action-packed introduction battling the New Mutants to frantic clashes with X-Force and the Avengers, this is the definitive digest of the regeneratin' degenerate's demented debuts!

  • Product Info

    • Issue 7
    • Cello-wrapped
    • Volume number: 1
    • Number of pages: 184
    • Specifications: 360x220mm (hardback)
    • Author(s): Rob Liefeld, Fabin Nicieza, Dan Slott, Glenn Herdling
    • Artist(s): Rob Liefeld, Sandu Florea, Pat Oliffe, Mark Pacella, Terry Shoemaker, Greg Capullo, Mike Gustovich
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